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Saffron Indian Cuisine
Inspection #4986408

Violation Risk/Critical Occurrences
Original container: properly labeled, date marking, consumer advisory R / C 2
Food Out of Temperature R / C 1
Food protection, cross-contamination R / C 3
Personnel with infections restricted R / C 1
Hands washed and clean, good hygienic practices, eating/drinking/smoking R / C 2
Food contact surfaces designed, constructed, maintained, installed, located R / C 6
Wiping cloths clean, used properly, stored R / C 1
Food contact surfaces of equipment and utensils clean R / C 2
Non-food contact surfaces clean R / C 2
Storage/handling of clean equipment, utensils R / C 1
Single service items properly stored, handled, dispensed R / C 1
Water source safe, hot and cold under pressure R / C 1
Restrooms with self-closing doors, fixtures operate properly, facility clean, supplied with hand-soap, disposable towels or hand drying devices, tissue, covered waste receptacles R / C 1
Containers covered, adequate number, insect and rodent proof, emptied at proper intervals, clean R / C 2
Presence of insects/rodents. Animals prohibited. Outer openings protected from insects, rodent proof R / C 2
Floors properly constructed, clean, drained, coved R / C 3
Lighting provided as required. Fixtures shielded R / C 1
Premises maintained, free of litter, unnecessary articles. Cleaning and maintenance equipment properly stored. Kitchen restricted to authorized personnel R / C 1
Food management certification valid / Employee training verification R / C 1

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