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Restaurant Name Location Violations
Bexley's4410 N 34 ST12
Bexley's Sandwich Shop2412 N. ARMENIA AVE4
Bgr The Burger Joint12913 N DALE MABRY HWY2
Biagio's Pizza & Pasta10359 CROSS CREEK BLVD STE A35
Biagio's Pizza & Pasta10359 CROSS CREEK BLVD STE A10
Bianchi's Enoteca3215 S MACDILL AVE #G4
Big A Sandwich Spot11309 N NEBRASKA AVE0
Big Bru's / B&c Candy Shop8751 NORTH 40TH ST5
Big City Deli401 S 50 ST10
Big Country's Bbq Ribs & Chicken Llc10824 E HWY 923
Big Daddy Dogs & BratsLLC, 5425 SHELDON ROAD1
Big Daddy Dogs & Brats Llc5425 SHELDON RD1
Big Daddy's Soul Food Restaurant442 W COLUMBUS DR3
Big Dogs117 HYDE PARK AVE4
Big Easy Cafe And Catering117 S HYDE PARK AVE4
Big J's Smoke House8544 CANTERBURY LAKE BLVD6
Big John Ala B B Q5707 40 ST4
Big Julie's Bakeshop Llc11723-A N ARMENIA AVE0
Big Mike's Bbq12622 MEMORIAL HWY3
Big Mo's Sports Bar6231 S DALE MABRY HWY10
Big Mommas Hickory Smoked Wing House8426 N FLORIDA AVE6
Big Mommas Smokehouse Bbq2921 W WATERS AVE6
Big Mommas Smokehouse Bbq Tpa 2 Llc1045 E HILLSBOROUGH AVE3
Big Papa's Pit2802 BEARSS AVE11
Big Will's Barbeque8214 CAUSEWAY BLVD5
Billa Bob's117 HYDE PARK AVE S3
Billy's Soft Serve2301 E MCBERRY ST2
Billy's Stadium Cafe And Pizzeria4406 N CORTEZ AVE8
Bilmar Station #28501 W HILLSBOROUGH AVE9

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